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Hi, there

First of all English is not my best part, but I’m trying. Please be patient with my mistakes. 😉 This page is a short English version of my whole webpage, focusing on the essence. Welcome to!

About me

My name is Angela Bohus, short version is Ange. “Doing Nails” have been my hobby for 8 years. And I have been a Licensed Nail Technician for 2 years. I was previosly employed by NailHarmony Kft., but now I have started my own business in the center of Budapest (5 minutes walk from Nyugati Square).
I love my job, so it’s still my hobby. 🙂

Pictures of my work

Check my work in photos: My main expertise is the gellack, gellack with a strong base (gel reinforcement), nail extension, and all of them with decoration (for example hand painting or glitter, powder, stamping and whatever you want 🙂 ). Just send me a pic, and I’m sure we can agree!
If you want, you can follow me in Instagram or Facebook.

Where do you find me?

If you have any question, or want an appointment, feel free to contact me in private message in Facebook, or e-mail me (
My location is in the Zselé szalon, 1065, Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 2.

Important things: Mostly I don’t have free appointment in the next 2-3weeks. So, please contact me in time. 😉 



Japanese manicure:……2900,-Ft
Basic dry manicure + clear 5in1 nail polish:……2900,-Ft
Removal (extension, gellack)……1900,-Ft
Removal and manicure………3900,-Ft

Gel polish / Gellack:

Classic gellack (soak-off):……4300,-Ft
Gellack with strong base:……5300,-Ft
Extra long or nails with problem:……+1000,-Ft
Broken nails correction (per nail):……200,-Ft

Sculpted Nails / Nail extension:

Nail extension with gel (Sculpted) (size: xS-S):…..7900,-Ft
Nail extension with gel (Sculpted) (size: M-L):……9900,-Ft
Refill your nail extension (size: xS-S):……6900,-Ft
Refill your nail extension (size: M-L):……8900,-Ft

Decoration, nail art:

French, baby boomer (per nail / 10nail):……150/1200,-Ft
Glitter, powder (per nail):……100-150,-Ft
Stamping, Water deacal (per nail):……150-250,-Ft
Rhinetones per piece / full nail:……50-100/800,-Ft
Freehand painting (per nail):……300-1000,-Ft

Prices are in Hungarian Forint. It is valid from August 1, 2020 until revoked. In case you have any question feel free to contact me.


If you are booking an appointment you are accepting the following terms. 😉

Before booking:

Please check my price list. If you don’t understand something or have a question, feel free to contact me in private message in Facebook, or e-mail me ( I will answer as soon as possible.

Know what you want, and tell me. You can send me a photo (from Instagram, or something like that). It’s important, because every feature needs a different time period, and I must know how much time your new nails set will take.

If you have problemtic nails, for example bitten nails or really damaged nails, please contact me first and send a photo about your nails. I can help you, just probably it will be more time.

Arrival at the salon:

Don’t be late! That’s a very important thing! 🙂 The best is if you arrive 5 minutes earlier. Not sure what color you want? Come 10 minutes early. 🙂

Please come alone. I’m sorry, but we don’t have enough space for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or anyone else.

Don’t come, if you are drunk, or if you are sick (flu or cold, or something like that).

If you are late a lot, and we haven’t enough time for your nails (for example 20-30 minute or more), I can give you a new appointment, but first you have to pay me for the half price of the missed service.

If you don’t come, and you will not notify me, I can still give you a new appointment, but first you have to pay me for the full price of the missed service.

If you have to cancel your appointment, and there is more time than 48 hours (between your appointment and cancellation), it’s fine, just inform me. I can give you a new appointment.

If you have to cancel your appointment , and there is less time than 48 hours (between your appointment and cancellation), I can give you a new appointment, but first you have to pay me for the half price of the missed service.

In the Salon:

Please be patient and calm. Don’t use (too much) your phone, touch your hair or skin, because your nails will be dirty and hairy. It doesn’t look nice, and it will not be durable. If you are waiting for an important phonecall, please use a headset.

We will not take a break. So if you need a toilet, or a cigarette break, do it before or after.

You can only pay in cash. Credit is no option! And please use small denominations.

We have CCTV.


You have 5 days guarantee on your new nails set if something is wrong with the nail material or there are technical, structural issues caused by me. Not covered by the guarantee if you break, or you cut your nails, or a chemical gets on your nails, etc. Please send me a photo with the problem, and I’m sure we can agree!

I will only repair damages for free that falling under the guarantee. Every other damages I can still repair for a partial price. No refunds!

Thank you for your understanding! 🙂